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Работа в Херсоне

Customer service manager (English)
(вакансия от 21.05.2019)
Регион: Одеса
Зарплата: 10000 грн., Review of salary after training period
Вид занятости: 
Опыт работы: 
Описание вакансии

WHO WE ARE: Clinic SIMONE is a clinic, as you probably already guessed, which is in London! We make people beautiful, happy and successful;) You can read more about us here: www.ClinicSimone.co.uk
WE ARE LOOKING FOR: an ambitious and energetic CUSTOMER SERVICE manager with a VERY GOOD knowledge of English. If you speak fluently, read and write in English (not only fluently, but also correctly), then you are 70% suitable for us, also if you are sociable + 10%, you know how to use a PC well + 10%, and if you are positive and you can answer politely to even the most boring client, so that the client is satisfied in the end + 10% = send your CV to manager@ beautyclinicsimone.co.uk
Essential job functions required:
Daily communication with ENGLISH SPEAKING (brits, scottish, irish, etc) customers;
Creating status notes;
Notifying appropriate parties of any issues;
Able to analyze customer requests in the variety of ways that they come in;
Being friendly and helpful with all customers;
Following up with task until completion;
Other duties as required by business needs or as assigned.
Minimum requirements:
PC proficient;
Communication and self-organization;
Fast typing skills;
Ability to work in a fast paced environment;
ADVANCED English level is REQUIRED;
Ability to work in a team environment, and be a team player;
Excellent communication skills;
We Offer:
Pleasant working atmosphere with sea view
Interesting projects and challenging tasks
Opportunities for self-realization, professional and career growth
40 hours per week average, rota, 12 hours per day,
3−4 days per week, more if requested in a friendly work environment
High Salary (depends on the level of a candidate`s professional skills)
Location: Odessa only
Send your CV to manager@ beautyclinicsimone.co.uk

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