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Работа в Херсоне

(вакансия от 15.10.2021)
Регион: Київ
Вид занятости: 
Опыт работы: 
Описание вакансии

Golden Share Consulting Group, a leading company in the business services market, is looking for an accountant (assistant chief accountant) for a client company — the European Network of Laboratories.
The company has been working in the field of medical tests for more than 30 years. In Ukraine, the company’s offices are represented in Kyiv and other cities. The network of laboratories is actively developing and opening new offices. The company has a well-coordinated and friendly team, a comfortable office near the metro «Shulyavska».
Areas of future activity:
- Inventory control — raw materials and other materials: registration of invoices in the appendix to the inventory by items, periodic control of inventory balances, control over the accounting of consumption.
- Posting of income.
- A set of payment orders in the client bank and posting of a bank statement in 1C.
- Fuel write-off, preparation of fuel consumption reports.
- Interaction with the chief accountant.

Job description
- Higher Education.
- Knowledge of English
- Knowledge of accounting — work with documents, goods, income, bank.
- Knowledge of Microsoft Office (Excel, Word) and 1C.
- Attention to detail.
- Desire to develop your professional level.

Working conditions:
- official employment,
- stable salary,
- paid annual leave according to the Labor Code,
- paid sick leave,
- preferential package of laboratory tests,
- working schedule from 9.00 to 18.00, from Mon to Fri.

Send your CV with the desired salary level.

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