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Работа в Херсоне

Billing assistant
(вакансия от 24.09.2021)
Регион: Харків
Зарплата: 15000 грн., Fix rate 550$ + bonus
Вид занятости: 
Опыт работы: 
Описание вакансии

Billing Assistant performs many accounting, customer service and organizational tasks to promote the financial health of the company.
- Searching financial statement for any payment inconsistencies or errors
- Collaborating with customers, third party institutions (factoring) and other team members to resolve billing inconsistencies and errors
- Creating invoices and billing materials to be sent directly to a customer
- Inputting payment history, upcoming payment information or other financial data into an individual account
- Finding financial solutions for customers who may need payment assistance
- Informing customers of any missed or upcoming payment deadlines
- Calculating and tracking various company financial statements

Billing Assistant must have soft skills, technical abilities and industry-specific knowledge to manage accounts, including:
- Strong communication, including writing, speaking and active listening
- English and Russian upper-intermediate +
- Great customer service skills, including interpersonal conversation, patience and empathy
- Good problem-solving and critical thinking skills
- In-depth knowledge of industry best practices
- Basic math, bookkeeping and accounting skills
- Organization, time management and prioritization abilities
- Ability to be discreet and maintain the security of patient or customer information
- Effective computer skills to input to use bookkeeping and account management software in a timely and efficient manner

Work conditions
- Monday-Friday, from 2:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
- Great office conditions
- Mentoring and education from seasoned business owners
- Various support from the company

- Basic rate $550

Since 3rd month (after trial period) +$100
Since 9th month +$100
+20$ for each company transferred to factoring payment method
+5% from dead debt return gross amount (not less than 15%)
- Official contract and accounting support

Контактная информация этой вакансии

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